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Video Telegram


Send a one-of-a-kind, personalized video performance!


We know that some folks are immunocompromised and cannot currently receive visitors.​

Or maybe you want to send a telegram to a someone who lives across the country.

Now you can send a video telegram!!

We personalize lyrics to a song of your choice to be performed acapella by one of our amazing characters. Our performers will sing any song you’d like!

Your telegram will include personalized lyrics and your special message. We will send the card via email after the telegram has been delivered.

For this telegram, the customer requested a bacon singing All By Myself with personalized lyrics. This is the info she gave us about her hubby:

He's turning 42 on March 28 and is a very social person, so staying at home is a real bummer on his birthday. I am surprising him with this gift during his virtual happy hour with friends!
He's into hockey (Bruins), football (Eagles), classic rock, yacht rock, 90s hip hop (He's a real get-off-my-lawn guy when it comes to new music), George Carlin, The Daily Show, history, documentaries, boat drinks, beer, wine, California burritos, BACON, and dive bar karaoke... with friends. Also, our tortoise, Radley.
He once described himself as boombastic.
His dislikes include Fergie/Black Eyed Peas, EDM music, costume parties and dressing for the occasion (he'd wear mismatched tees and gym shorts every day if he could).

  • At least 24 hours notice is required for video telegrams.

  • We support our troops with a 10% Military discount.

  • Gratuity is greatly appreciated by our talented performers.

  • Secure payment will be made through Square.


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