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What does a singing telegram include?

A singing telegram is a great way to send a personalized gift.  Our talented performers will dress nicely and sing a beautiful serenade, or you can choose a costumed character to deliver your message.  You get to pick the song!  As a special touch we will rewrite the lyrics using information you give us.  This makes the song tailored exactly to the recipient.  A singing telegram is a gift that will never be forgotten!

How far ahead do I need to book?

We ask for at least 24 hours notice.  All our performers are hired on a per-contract basis and have their own schedules to keep.  We will do our best to find a performer to fit your needs, but please understand that it is often difficult to fulfill same-day requests.  There is a $25 charge for same-day or next-day telegrams.

How do I pay?


Lip Service is a member of PayPal. We simply send you an invoice via email and you click on the link. You do not have to be a PayPal member. Standard Telegrams start at $150. For more info click here.

What is a customary tip?

Tipping is at your discretion and greatly appreciated by our talented perfomers.  Customary gratuity is 15-20%.  Each performer learns a new song with personalized lyrics and learns about your recipient before driving to the location and delivering your customized telegram.

Do you do strip-o-grams?

No.  Some of our characters such as sexy cop, nurse, and Marilyn Monroe are sexy males or females, but do not remove clothing or do lap dances.


Can I hire more than one performer at a time to do my singing telegram?

Yes.  However, please note that at least 24-hour notice is absolutely necessary in order for the group to put together a performance and polish your song of choice.

Are your performers celebrity impersonators?

Celebrity impersonation is a very specific job.  Our performers embody the characteristics of the celebrity as well as dress as the celebrity would, but they are not impersonators.   And they all sing!


Have another question?


Send us an email!

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